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A top qualified team with over 15 years of experience in producing door panels united together in year 2016 under the wings of Vetropan pursueing the mission to provide the highest quality PVC door panels for PVC professionals, who seek elegant and unique PVC door panels matching their requirements. To accomplish this mission Vetropan uses the highest quality materials, runs fully controlled production process from start to finish and makes sure each produced panel matches the requested quality criterias. Also Vetropan furnishes necessary services for different panel and glass design requests by offering a boutique production to each PVC professional seperately. Would like to feel the difference? Get involved today and don’t hesitate to ask for a sample production. PVC PANELS Motto: High Class panels For PVC Professionals Vetropan aims to fulfill the needs of PVC professionals by supplying project specific white colors with the highest quality PVC sheets of German brands. You can find a medium range white and special white of Salamander Profiles always on stocks. Need a different color? Contact us for the availability and ask for sample. Glass Fusion Panels Motto: Where Door Panel Meets Art With Vetropan’s fully equipped fused glass workshop, classical door panels now find a special place in your doorstep. Each glass of the door panel is hand-crafted by our glass artists making them unique for you. Turn your door into a piece of art ? Choose one of our designs or send us your own design and let our artists do the work.
Akkuzu Wood as our business life began in 1975, a corporation in 1985 and continued his business activities. Certificate of competency in the service area of ​​our company in 2007, the Organized Industrial Zone m2s off the 4000 area of ​​over 10,000 m2 area has been moved to modern production facilities. Akkuzu Wood with the latest technological innovations to have the machine park and trained and experienced technical staff; * Borders, production of parquet and stone palette locked, * Laminated wooden window production, * Wooden door production * Residential, office and gym for the production of wooden parquet floors, * Cottages, villas, wooden staircase leading to the design and manufacture of luxury housing, * Solid panel production, * Interior Architecture, realizing the production of decorative products for architects and decorators.
As Mazi Orman Urunleri, we have started our journey to transform the forest products that have commercial significance in the construction sector into living spaces suitable for the texture of nature by using them in all areas of life, in all kinds of environments. Since our foundation in 1960, we have been proud of being the preferred company in the forest products sector in our facilities that we have strengthened with advanced technological machinery, equipments and qualified personnel without allowing any quality difference with the help of many instruments from production to sale. OUR PRODUCT RANGE AND PRODUCTION FACILITY In our company headquarters, we have regional distributorship and sales representation of producer companies operating in Turkey and in the international market such as chipboard, melamine coated chipboard, Mdf, Mdflam, etc. and the wholesale and retail sale of these products is made. In addition, it carries out the wholesale and retail sales of panel door surface, cover profile, ready-made caps, solid, laminate and laminated parquet, insulation products, OSB, plywood, plyboard, glue and so on. The import group within our company supplies pine, larex, spruce derived kiln lumber and laminated timber elements from Ukraine, Siberia, Sweden, Finland and Balkan Countries to meet your needs. At our Starwood Construction Market store within the headquarters, the companies operating in the construction and wooden furniture decoration sector as well as our end consumer customers can find all kinds of construction and decoration consumables at the most affordable prices and at the same point. Located in the center of Denizli on 15.000 m2, our wooden production facility which has a state-of-the-art machinery park and qualified personnel is producing a wide range of wood products with international standards and quality. In addition to the above mentioned products, our company continuously renews and develops its product range in accordance with the needs and demands of the sector, without compromising the quality.
Started its commercial life in electricity and contracting sector in 1988, our company entered construction and building sector in 1991 following the developments in construction sector. Our company which primarily aims to provide customer satisfaction from the day it was founded up to now, started its activities in the furniture and wood sector-parallel with the construction sector- with the production of Acrylic Panel, High Gloss Panel, Melamine Door Surfaces and Door Components (microlaminated mdf door jamb, door casing etc) in 2015. Meva Ahsap combines good quality and good service, which makes it a "Sought After Brand" in wood panel sector.
Aluc Forest Products Ltd. as hardboard to furniture manufacturing industry in 1991, MDF and other products, our commercial life in replacing the parent company with the supply structure at this point today, machinery manufacturing, logistics and meets other sectors of the wood needs and a range of services that require subjects as separate structures ulasmistir.aluc Wood Building and Construction Mat. Inc. From this need was born here and valuable input to our customers in the year 2010. Types of plywood formwork systems used in the construction industry; H20 wooden formwork girders; We jojis with ASD varieties, machinery and other industries used WireMesh / honeycomb pattern plywood types "Plywood Market" concept with Aluc Wood's activities to in order to meet market needs that occur in olusturuyor.kontrplak sector Aluc Forest have two separate services unit of products within the company has more activity: Sites Tasdelen Street and Antalya-Kepez Mediterranean Industrial Our service units in Site "Plywood Market" name and concept with operating under the gostermektedirler.dig hand alucor financing products and "Aluc Construction" name people in our contemporary, our organization gives a comfortable and peaceful living spaces, landscapes Houses have completed the project and its more baslamistir.yap its services a new project on the land, projects, and during the "Ankara plywood" in between the leaders of the trademark sector Aluc Wood, "Ankara membrane" with membrane and roofing bitumen core with a registered trademark in the insulation space has expanded its range of services it provides to the construction sector. quality products, reasonable prices, friendly service and the principle of honesty and always stocked employee organization, our customers, require that products "Right Turn" and in the near future needs "Storage" advantage to you. Customer satisfaction oriented approach we wish to provide the service.
AGT (Advanced Technology in Wood Industry), starting out with the dream of processing and developing wood products customized for individual and corporate requirements in 1984 in Antalya, is operating